Take back America

Take back America
Take back America

None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New World Order, no place for Israel

Who kills more Israeli's, Islam or American foreign policies?

Is it time for revolt?
Posted: WND March 05, 20091:00 am Eastern© 2009
There comes a point when free men and women must say no to oppressive government exceeding its authority.
I think most everyone would agree with that.
Our Founding Fathers said no to the misuse of authority by the British crown, and most Americans believe it was the right thing to do. In fact, we are Americans today because of the courageous stand they took for liberty and justice.
I believe American government is entering an advanced stage of institutional injustice, corruption, oppression and tyranny that warrants protest, at the very least, and perhaps even defiance if we are to hold on to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
The government is creating massive debts that can never be repaid.
The government is encouraging the worst kind of irresponsible personal lifestyles – from endless consumption without regard to the consequences to expecting bailouts from taxpayers to killing inconvenient, unwanted children in utero to unhealthy and unnatural behavior.
The government is grabbing powers for which it has no authority under the Constitution.
The government is making fatefully bad decisions about national security and national defense.
I could go on and on with such a list. But rather than talk about the macro-disasters being hatched in Washington on a daily basis by Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress, I would like to examine just one tiny example of the way they not only squander your wealth, but actually commit it to causes of pure, unadulterated evil.
A couple years ago, the U.S. government pressured Israel to evacuate all Jews from the Gaza Strip. Why? Because the Arab Muslims in Gaza insisted no Jews could live among them. Period. End of story. They demanded ethnic cleansing, and the world, for the most part, agreed.
So Israel capitulated, while acknowledging it fully expected the decision to result in an increase in terrorist violence directed at Jews inside Israel. That's exactly what happened.
Israel didn't respond forcefully to the attacks, again because of pressure from the U.S. and the rest of the world. Finally, after the attacks continued to intensify and spill more Jewish blood, Israel used its superior military forces to stop the attacks – with a minimum of human carnage, I might add.
Now what do you suppose the U.S. government wants to do?
It is offering to spend nearly $1 billion more in U.S. taxpayer wealth to build up ethnically cleansed Gaza, once again, though Washington claims it will not allow the ruling authorities in Gaza – the terrorist group Hamas – to control how the money is spent. Of course, that would be like transferring wealth to Iran with the understanding the mullahs will not control how it is used. It doesn't work that way. Like it or not, Hamas thugs control Gaza. They won the privilege to do that in elections, no less.
Now think about this.
Where else in the world does the U.S. government subsidize communities that practice ethnic cleansing?
Where else in the world does the U.S. support the notion that Jews, or some other religious or ethnic minority, don't have the right to live in peace?
Where else in the world does the U.S. government dole out money to an area under 100 percent control by Jew-hating, Christian-hating, America-hating terrorists?
The answer, of course, is only in the Middle East – and only when immoral people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are involved.
It's very dangerous to advocate this position. It's very risky. But someone has to stand up and start talking about it.
Is it time for people of the light to start denying the U.S. government the money to practice this kind of evil?
I know it's past time for us to be out in the streets protesting against all this new regime is doing to undermine the Constitution, America's heritage of freedom and the basic tenets of Western Civilization.
Maybe it's also time to say we just won't be a part of funding the hate.

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