Take back America

Take back America
Take back America

None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The second American Revolution


By Greg Evensen
April 16, 2010

I am not one to mince words. We are standing on the doorstep at the Memorial to our Republic. The shadow of this great nation is waning and those who have gone before us are standing at attention as the flag draped casket of freedom sets on the horse drawn caisson winding through the streets of eternity. We are watching this tragic and solemn procession while the socialists, communists, leftists, drug dealers, porn kings, illegal aliens, corrupted corporate, pharmaceutical, and banking heads, abortionists and politicians snicker and gloat over their “victory.” We have patiently waited for someone to rescue us and talked this thing to its death. We have run out of time and options. If we have the will, we must now begin the resistance.

At a recent conference, I heard a valiant police trained pastor who specializes in occult crime lead our group through a discussion of EXACTLY why free America is referred to in the past tense. Much of it has to do with politics, treasonous acts of surrender to world forces by the vast majority of elected officials at every level of government. They have been bought off thousands of times and have done so to the complete degeneration of our republic system and the American people.
That alone, calls for a cleaning of the government—top to bottom. The literal handful of legislators across the land who have done the right thing during their tenure should also step aside and allow fresh patriot blood to populate the state and federal government. The same should happen in the judiciary—complete and without exception. Governors are pawns and must retire. Military leadership above the rank of full colonel should also step down. In order to flush this system, ALL elected and appointed positions should be vacated. That is my view. If local folks feel a few should return, that is their choice, but it must be VERY clear that business as usual is a one way ticket out of town. Sheriff’s, police administrators and state police commanders are in this same category. They are “yes” men to conspirators and are incredibly dangerous to moral, constitutional government.

The other side of this dark leadership cadre is the roughly 65 million Americans (200 million worldwide) who participate in some form of “New Age” religion and have sought, tolerated or looked the other way as cults of every kind and persuasion have lured good people to spiritual death. For those of you who do not accept that this is a spiritual battle of the highest order, then stop reading and do something else. Do NOT write and lecture me on the “inappropriate place” I have given this issue within these thoughts. You may hold your view, but understand you are part of the problem. You and the tens of millions of Americans who have chosen to abandon all reason, a selfless lifestyle, and a belief in Godly leadership that translates into trusted leadership. YOU are the reason we have the desolate White House dictatorship that we do, and an idol worshipping Congress that is CONSPIRING to end sovereign America and replace it with rulers that desire Babylon on the Potomac at any cost regardless of our dissent.
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