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None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Media Brianwashing


By Chuck Baldwin
June 11, 2010

Here Is Where The Attacks Against Liberty Are Really Coming From

Politicians in Washington, D.C., love to manufacture a crisis. The crisis generates fear within the citizenry, thereby allowing the federal government to centralize more and more power. During a crisis, the citizenry becomes much more forgiving of federal abuses and accommodating of federal encroachments than it otherwise would be without a crisis. Hence, we have a federal "war on drugs," and a "war on poverty," and a "war on terror," and an "oil crisis," and an "energy crisis," and a "domestic terrorism crisis," and an "education crisis," and a "border crisis," and an "economic crisis"--Blah! Blah! Blah!

You can mark it down: every major crisis that America has faced over the last several decades has been either manufactured or facilitated by policies and activities originating in Washington, D.C. But at the same time that DC is creating these crises, it categorizes any ideological group it finds distasteful as a convenient scapegoat. These convenient scapegoats can include "angry white guys," "tea party extremists," "a vast right-wing conspiracy," Constitution Party or Libertarian Party "extremists," "Second Amendment extremists" (gun owners), "pro-life extremists," ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Yet, while DC's elitists are plotting America's next crisis and figuring out whom to categorize as America's next "extremist," some real enemies are waging war against the freedoms and liberties of our once-great republic. And, ladies and gentlemen, these enemies are much more subtle, a lot closer, and much more dangerous than almost anything you are being told about.

Here are some of freedom's real enemies: The National News Media

For the most part, the national news media is no friend of freedom. About all most of them know of the US Constitution is the part about the "freedom of the press" (from the First Amendment, of course). Watch any of the Big Three television network newscasts on any weekday evening, and what will you see? You will see the exact same stories regurgitated over and over again--even with the exact same spin! And that spin is most always tilted toward bigger and bigger government. This goes on night after night, week after week, month after month, and year after year. But this is all just coincidental, right? Get real! Well, if you get your news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or FOX NEWS, that is exactly what you are being led to believe.

The cable news networks are not much better. About the only difference between cable networks is that CNN will provide cover for Big Government Democrats while viciously attacking all things Republican, and FOX NEWS will provide cover for Big Government Republicans while viciously attacking all things Democrat.

Face it: the national news media is intoxicated with Two Party Politics. They really don't care nearly as much about the fundamental tenets and principles of liberty as they do about whether a Democrat or Republican wins office. Washington's media elite are wined and dined by the same party politicians that they cover on television or in the newspaper. (What a racket!) Do you really think any major media news personality is going to risk losing his or her job (which is exactly what would happen) by asking too many questions, or boring too deeply, or straying too far off the reservation? Once again, get real! All of these guys and gals know exactly where the line--and the "third rail"--is located. And they all will stay clear of both! It's not about reporting the news, or defending liberty, or anything of the sort. It is about pleasing their big corporate sponsors--corporate sponsors who are in bed with the elites from both major political parties, by the way!

As long as the American people continue to allow the national news media to manipulate and spin the news, our liberties will continue to erode.

Freedom has many more real enemies that could be added to this list, of course; and maybe in the future we can talk more about them. For now, recognize that our liberties are hanging by a thread in this country. And the next time you hear someone in Washington, D.C., or the national news media railing against the latest "crisis" that requires Big Government to fix, please remember who the real enemy is.

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