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Take back America
Take back America

None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kent Hovind

God bless Dr. Hovind for exposing the sin of Evolution. Our Government always uses Tax evasion to imprision anyone who exposes their evil ways.

The State Vs. God

If you understand that property taxes are unconstitutional, and that 501c3 state-licensing was intended to control churches, then you'll understand who Dr. Hovind REFUSED to take a state license. That's why he's in prison. Thieving criminals in the Federal Reserve steel TRILLIONS of dollars and no one is arrested nor indicted, but pastor Hovind goes to prison for tax-evasion (because he refused a $50 license that would have exempted his 501c3 organization from paying taxes). I admire anyone who stands against the tyranny of the system.

With all the millions of illegal immigrants in America receiving free welfare, free healthcare, free education, free footsteps and free American jobs, it is utter hypocrisy what the government is doing to Dr. Hovind over taxes because he refused a license. It is just plain evil. Dr. Kent Hovind was wrongfully sentenced in 2007 to 10-years in prison for tax-evasion. It is sickening when one considers that Wall Street bankers in bed with the White House stole $23,700,000,000,000 (23 TRILLION) from U.S. tax-payers in 2009-1010; yet Brother Hovind gets sentenced to prison for 10-years and his life destroyed for not paying unconstitutional taxes imposed by an out-of-control corrupt government! The wicked people who have prosecuted Kent Hovind will be held accountable by God for their criminal hypocrisy.

Our founding fathers revolted over burdensome taxes. While tens-of-millions of Americans have lost their homes to the thieving Banksters; our government leaders continue to give away billions of dollars to foreign nations, provide social welfare for illegal immigrants, and fund population control programs worldwide. It is evil. It's OUR money; yet they recklessly squander it and plunge us further into massive debt!

The vile cesspool of iniquity, Walt Disney, has been given autonomy in Florida (free from all government interference); while Kent Hovind's ministry is harassed in every manner. The entire issue is about the State's authority verses God's authority. Any honest person knows that Kent Hovind's ministry is a ministry of the Church. A 501c3 state-licensed organization is NOT a Biblical church, it is a state-licensed non-profit business. Most pastors today have bowed to Caesar (the government), allowing the State to regulate the church through licensing.

Do you know what's the saddest thing of all. It was Rebekah Horton, Vice President of Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola Florida who turned Brother Hovind into the government for not paying taxes. She will answer to God for destroying Hovind's life and his poor wife. Kent Hovind was stabbed in the back by another so-called Christian. It's just further evidence of the apostasy of this wicked generation. What she did is evil.

What was Hovind's big crime? He refused to apply for a $50 state license, which consequently required his ministry to pay taxes that he otherwise wouldn't have had to pay (if he had a state license). State-licensed 501c3 organizations don't pay taxes in exchange for bowing to the almighty government. That's not a Biblical church. Kent Hovind's ministry comes closer to being a Biblical church than any state-licensed 501c3 business. Hell is going to be hot, and God is more angry than anybody over all of this hypocrisy and government usurping of authority over the Church I assure you. Florida murdered Terri Schiavo, is an illegal drug-importation state, and has one of the most corrupt court systems in the country.

Dr. Kent Hovind's only crime was not obtaining a state license as required by heathen laws. Brother Lester Roloff went through similar battles in Texas, being imprisoned and demonized by enemies of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was Florida's corrupt legal system that tortured and murdered innocent Terri Schiavo in 2005. END

~by David J. Stewart, webservant of Jesus-is-Savior.com (June 2012)

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