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Take back America
Take back America

None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Monday, August 20, 2012

Christian giving

New England: The Least Charitable Part of the Entire Country:  I would guess this article is very upsetting to most Socialist Liberals. You know the ones who always condemn Christians and conservatives because you knows they are racist and hate poor people.
Just how many categories do we have here? It looks like most of the giving is from:
The Bible Belt
The South
The poorest part of the nation
Mostly conservative states

Those with maybe a lessor education
Who knows, I could be wrong. If you click on the Link below you can read the article. One part said, "the most charitable states tended to be both more religious and Republican."  Notice the comment from N F. He said:

As far as I know Churches are made up of people. I think that if you took out Church giving, all the states would be white. The Socialist say that you should give. Buts that's always to The Government.
Another article:

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