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None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Communism, Satan's Number One Tool

Communism and Moral Decay

By David J. Stewart with passages from "Pawns in the Game" by William Guy Carr 1958.

"Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." —2nd Corinthians 2:11

The average person today is woefully ignorant about so many things. I say this with great sadness, for our ignorance is Satan's greatest advantage over us.

Lenin had said: "The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals." His word being law in Communist organizations, all members work secretly to make young people of both sexes anti-social and immoral. Children up to teen-age are taught to rebel against the discipline of the home. Parents are represented to their children as old-fashioned. Parental authority is scoffed at. The subverters argue that parents have lied to their children since they were old enough to listen, regarding Santa Claus and where babies come from. The subversives claims parents are the victims of reactionary teachings and capitalistic exploitation. The child is encouraged to educate the parents in regard to modern and progressive ideas. They are warned that, for their own good, they must refuse to be dominated or disciplined by their parents. The purpose of this subversive campaign is to destroy the sanctity, and unity, of the home which is the foundation upon which our civilization is founded.

What a powerful mouthful of truth! Kids today are being brainwashed by television (i.e., hellivision) and music to have no morals, and to backtalk (sass) their parents. That's exactly what the Communists want. It's not uncommon these days to hear children on TV telling their parents to grow up or to be quiet. The same defiance is found in movies, whether by Walt Disney or Warner Brothers. Music is without a doubt the biggest offender. There is nothing more detrimental to the spiritual growth of a teenager than worldly music, which captivates the soul, and preaches a gospel of SELF, SEX, and SATAN.

There is a sinister agenda at work in television and movies today, which is committed to the corruption of our youth's morals and faith in the Bible. Take for example, Walt Disney's blasphemous Bridge to Terabithia, which denies the existence of Hell, and teaches youth that open-minded people could never believe in eternal damnation. Teenagers today are under attack by Satan like never before!

Communism Thrives in a Selfish and Complacent Society that Doesn't Care

Communism is the machine of the Illuminati, i.e., the occult group trying to usher in a one-world global police state. One needs to only read the statements of social sickos like George Brock Chisholm to clearly see what the Communists are trying to achieve--the total eradication of Christianity, family, morality, and the U.S. Constitution. Communism's goal is nothing less than totalitarianism, i.e., a global police state! Young people with no morals grow up to be rebellious adults with no concern for truth or justice. This describes conditions in America today. Due to the Communist subversives of rock-n-roll music, the feminist movement, the civil rights movement, and the homosexual movement... Americans today, by far, could care less about the murdering of 48,000,000 babies! This is unbelievable!!!
Public opinion is no longer aroused to action when the newspapers blandly report that several thousand Jews were systematically exterminated in gas chambers by anti-Semitics, or that ten thousand Christians were martyred because of their anti-Communist convictions by Bela Kun or Chinese sadists. Such horrors are now accepted as every day occurrences.

This describes America, Europe, Canada, and many other nations today where abortion is an every day, perfectly acceptable, occurrence! Truthfully, it is an abominable holocaust of epic proportions compared to the Jewish holocaust.

We are being rendered immune to the reactions we once experienced when violence of any kind came to our attention. We no longer are disturbed by the overthrow of established governments by force. If we were, we would have done something to stop what has been going on.

This could easily be applied to the war in Iraq. We've done nothing to stop the overthrow of Iraq by force. We have become a cruel, calloused, and heartless nation, clearly evidence by the silence of the masses when Terri Schiavo was being tortured to death through dehydration and starvation in 2005. Where was America? We did nothing to stop it.

People listen to those who continually cry, as they did in Spain, "Communism can never cause a revolution here." They listen to those who give them a sense of false security. The majority of citizens are like children, who hide their heads under the blankets when they fear danger. It should be remembered that pulling the bedclothes over one's head never saved a person from an assassin, a rapist, or an exploding bomb.

Wow! I couldn't have described Americans today any better! They are only listening to those who give them a sense of FALSE SECURITY! They are hiding their heads under their blankets. Please read, It Can't Happen Here by Congressman Ron Paul. These quotes from PAWNS IN THE GAME (and I highly recommend the book) should clearly evidence to you that history does repeat itself, or in other terms, people never learn!

It was the sinister Communist leader Lenin who said: "The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals." America has plenty of such youths today, because of Communist influences still relentlessly at work. There is a direct correlation between a child's loyalty and respect towards his or her parents, and that child's moral character development.

Communism is not dead folks, it's right in front of our faces, which is why we can't see it today!!! If you don't believe me, prepare to be shocked. Read Karl Marx's TEN PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, and see how America today is largely a Communist nation. Also, please read the Communist Subversion of America.

Moral Corruption Through Movies and TV

Few people realize the important part modern movies play in subverting youth away from their homes, their country, and their religion. Many movies show an hour of film in which the criminals and bad men and women do everything that is forbidden by our laws and moral code and devote one minute during which the law catches up with them, or they die because of their sins. Films taken of actual fighting durian the Mexican revolution in 1913 were shown in Galveston, Texas. The sight of seeing men killed in battle, or being dragged from their homes and slaughtered by revolutionaries caused women to scream and faint, and men to vomit. Public opinion caused the showings to be prohibited. To-day these scenes are shown on films advertised as "Children's Special" for Saturday afternoon performances. That is just one illustration of how the general public, and particularly the children, have been systematically hardened to accept the sight of violence and bloody death as normal.

What a contrast from kids today, who see people die almost daily on television. Society is being conditioned for what's ahead--totalitarianism. It's no coincidence that we're seeing SWAT teams featured on TV, in major cities all across America, destroying people's homes, entering and hauling American citizens away like Nazi-fascist thugs. The public is being saturated with this type of activity, so it won't be so shocking when Christians and patriots are soon hauled away as terrorists, just as in the days of the Roman Empire. Saul in the Bible hauled Christians from their homes and killed them!!! These acts of darkness will soon come to America (John 16:2).

With the underlying Communist foundation in place, and the moral breakdown of the united States, it's just a short amount of time until we see the gates closing in around us, and the spikes coming out of the walls. Americans have been baited into a trap, by their own complacency and willing ignorance of the truth. At present, the federal debt is over $9,000,000,000,000!!! We are headed for imminent national bankruptcy, and U.N. domination! National ID cards will be mandatory next year, because you won't be able to do business or travel without one. How near the mark of the beast must be!

The greatest corrupter of America's youth is TV! Cartoons are one of the most deceitful tools used by Satan today. Cartoons have traditionally been considered appropriate for children; thus, many parents today don't see the harm in certain cartoons. There is much suggestiveness, sexuality, rock-n-roll music, and subversive messages in today's cartoons. Parents would be wise to find other activities for their family. It's no coincidence that mothers are being forced into the workplace, while their kids are being brainwashed by hellivision.
How many Christians are aware of the Communist influences destroying America today? Tragically, many professed believers today are working to help the Communists, by promoting religious rock music, abortion, divorce, feminism, Harry Potter's witchcraft, homosexuality, and other forms of wickedness. Let us be clear here, the entire notion of a New World Order is rooted in a Communist agenda, which aims to bring to fruition a Global Godless police state! The biggest enemies of this hideous evil are the Word of God, genuine Christianity, men of God behind America's pulpits, soulwinning churches, informed citizens, and strong families where mom obeys dad, dad loves mom, and the kids are saturated with the teachings of the Word of God. People who wish to remain FREE can follow only one plan of action. They must support Christianity against ALL forms of atheism and secularism. (SOURCE: PAWNS IN THE GAME, page 127, by William Guy Carr, 1958).

That is good advice! Christianity has few friends these days, i.e., genuine Christianity, which is centered in the Truth of God's Word.

So the next time you turn on the TV--seeing some half naked hussy behaving like a whore, or people making fun of the Bible, or see all the violence and crime--be forewarned that it is all part of a Communist agenda to corrupt your family. If you think that is ridiculous, then consider the words of Communist George Brock Chisholm, the first head of the World Health Organization, who decades ago in 1946 laid the blame for war and human conflict squarely at the feet of parents and Sunday schools teachers...

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." -George Brock Chisholm

"...it has long been generally accepted that parents have the perfect right to impose any points of view, any lies or fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates or faith on their defenseless children. It is, however, only recently (1946) that it has become a matter of certain knowledge that these things cause neuroses, behavior disorders, emotional disabilities and failure to develop to a state of emotional maturity which fits one to be a citizen of a democracy..." -George Brock Chisholm

"The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy." -George Brock Chisholm

The hidden secret behind Communism is that Wall Street bankers were instrumental in creating it. William Guy Carr's book, PAWNS IN THE GAME, exposes how every major war over the past 250 years has been deliberately caused, financed, and profited from by the money-lenders. As shocking as it may sound, this includes the American Revolution which gave birth to America. On pages 49-58, William Guy Carr tells how the American Revolution was plotted and planned by the same international group which plotted the English and French revolutions; and how the international financiers obtained control of the American economy. You'll never hear the truth in a public school classroom.

"So, the ultimate purpose of all this attack on nationalism is to tear down national borders so that they can be replaced with a borderless world, a one world government.

The New Agers/Humanists/Communists/Masons want a one world government. They are confident that their goal will be achieved soon because they are creating the conditions that will persuade the people that they should adopt the world government when it is offered.

The family unit; the right to own private property; the national borders; the right to believe in a creator God; these beliefs will all be destroyed because the world must receive a world government supported by the planners inside the secret societies and the new religious groups.
The Moral Subversion of America Continues

An honest man resents when he knows someone is trying to sway his thinking through subliminal messaging. I don't watch much TV for this primary reason, because the Devil's crowd is relentlessly trying to change our thinking (i.e., there's a sinful agenda behind most of today's TV programming). Don't think it merely coincidence that ABC, owned by the godless Walt Disney corporation, is pushing the motto nowadays... A new kind of family. This is open support for homosexuality, and it's disgusting. First, there's nothing "new" about the sin of homosexuality. Second, two lesbian-lovers raising children CANNOT be considered a family by Biblical standards. Those poor kids!

American has plunged over a moral waterfall, and it's all because of the Communist subversives of rock-n-roll music, the feminist movement, the civil rights movement, and the homosexual movement. The 48,000,000 million abortions in the U.S. have been the result of fornication, which is the lifestyle of Rock-n-Roll music. Feminist philosophy is also equally to blame. America is past the point of moral decay--we are now experiencing the moral ROT of the United States, and it stinks to Heavens pearly gates!

"The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals." -Vladimir Lenin

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