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None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Gap theory, earth millions of years old; mankind on earth 6,000 years

The Genesis Gap: Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. -------.There is evidence for two different creation periods. The information on this is so great, I can only list the links at the bottom of this page. Some points of study and search: Heaven and Earth created a very long time ago before man, possible for Lucifer and the Angels. Satan's fall at an earlier time. Earth and Heavens remade. Creation of first man. Location of 'The Garden of Eden'. it was probably at Jerusalem. Earth covered by water twice, before Adam and during Noah's lifetime. Location of waters above the firmament, a 'sea of glass' before the Throne of God. At the end of time Jerusalem will be the new Garden of Eden restoration with the flow of living waters from it.

Adam and Eve, first Humans. Mankind has left behind the Great Pyramids of Egypt (4,500 years ago), the Great Wall of China extending 3,400 miles in length (started 2,700 years ago), Silbury Hill of England (4,600 years ago), and Stonehenge of England (5,000 years ago). These and other structures were made by man and date back approximately 4,500 years. Our complex languages like Greek date back 4,000 years with little change from the modern language. There are locations all over the Earth where civilizations would typically choose to live that date back 4,000 years according to archaeological diggings. Yet we cannot find any human settlements dating back 10,000 years. Where are the pictures of the structures they built 10,000 years ago? There aren't any because no structures existed. They simply do not exist because humans did not exist at that time. Ape-like creatures existed, not humans.

Excerpt from Ichthys Part One - Satan----.
2. The Serpent of Genesis 3: It is no accident (and by now should come as no great surprise) that when we first encounter Satan in scripture, he has taken possession of a material creature, the serpent. We can assume from the context that this especially "subtle" creature was Eve's special pet, and a perfect vehicle for the devil's seduction. Given the nature of the prehistoric fossil record, we might well wonder whether his choice of the serpent is also due in part to an earlier angelic fascination with reptiles (see part 2 of this series). But was his possession of the creature necessary to accomplish his goal (any more than his possession of Judas was: cf. Lk.22:3)? What we can say is that possession of the bodies of material creatures is part of Satan's normal modus operandi, and indicates that this is more than something the fallen angels "have to do" to accomplish their nefarious purposes. Rather, it is something they dearly desire to do.

3. The Angelic Infiltration of Genesis 6: As both Jude 6 and 2nd Peter 2:4 make clear, "the sons of God coming in to [mate with] the daughters of men" was a Satanic attack of immense proportions which violated God's ground rules for the resolution of the angelic rebellion in human history (see Part 5 of this series where the Gen.6 attack will be treated in detail). The direct mixing of angelic and human seed is clear-cut proof of the desire on the part of Satan and his followers to attain the (for them) unattainable: corporeality.

4. The Legion of Demons and the Swine: In Mark chapter 5, when Jesus cast the demon legion from a single man, these fallen spirits "begged" Him to "send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them" (v.12). There is very little to explain their motivation for this request until we accept that these satanic angels, being deprived of their human home, were desperate to regain some material adobe, be it ever so mean.

5. The Wandering Spirit (Lk.11:24-26): The return of the "wandering spirit" to the man he had previously possessed is a likewise telling case that only fully makes sense when we take into account the "addiction" the fallen angels have to the corporeality which, as part of our nature, we understandably take for granted. The demon goes through desolate places seeking "rest" (i.e., another willing subject to inhabit), but when it is disappointed in this hope, it returns to its "house" (Greek oikos). The terminology used here is significant, for in 2nd Corinthians 5:2, Paul calls our coming resurrection body, the super-material home in which we shall spend all eternity with the Lord, a "dear-house from on high" (Greek oiketerion, the diminutive of the very word used for house above being used in a [grammatically] familiar sense). Our material abodes, the bodies that house our spirits now and then, are given to us by God, but it is the devil's plan, and his prime inducement to his followers, to take by force the homes that properly belong to others.
Satan's false gospel to the angels who fell with him was one of "deliverance" from their non-sensual state. He found them curious about the experience of material existence, and inflamed this curiosity into outright lust and rebellion, so that they became obsessed with the possession of material bodies, and addicted to the experience (in the same way that many of our fellow human beings are destroyed by drugs). Therefore, the widespread and dishonest trade of Ezekiel 28:16 & 18 is better translated "canvassing" or "campaigning". Satan found his issue and seduced a large part of angelic kind with it. In this his activity is quite similar to that of Absalom in his conspiracy to overthrow his father David, the rightful king. We are told that Absalom used to get up early in the morning and go to greet all who came to Jerusalem for adjudication, praising whatever case they might have (regardless of the justice of it) and swearing justice for all, if only he were to made "judge" (2Sam.15:2-6). By flattery and such false promises, Absalom "stole the hearts of the people away" in very much the same fashion that Satan must have done. The temptation to follow such an attractive leader who was promising them so much (and the assurance of the safety and success of their cause) proved more than many of the angels could resist.(33) Satan always strikes the weakest point in our defenses, and there is always a weak point. Adam and Eve had bodies, but no such vast knowledge as the angels possess, so Satan appealed to their desire for such; the angels had vast knowledge, but no material bodies, and that is where the devil chose to strike. Undoubtedly, the angels had no more real need for material bodies any more than our first parents did for "knowledge of good and evil". Rather than to trust God for what is truly needed, however, it is an all too common creature reaction to decide for ourselves that what we do not presently have is absolutely essential, and to assume that somehow we are being "deprived by God" (though He is really only looking out for our best interests in keeping us from things which are essentially harmful to us).

Conclusion: God's Reaction: How would God react to such high treason against His person and His legitimate rule? When our series continues, we shall chart the unfolding of His perfect divine plan as He disposes of Satan and his rebellion in a breathtaking way, gaining more and more glory at every step and bringing about for His faithful creatures even greater blessing in the end than obtained in the beginning:

* God's judgment on the original earth and its restoration (in Part 2: The Genesis Gap).

* God's creation of Man and Satan's aggressive response (in Part 3: The Purpose, Creation and Fall of Man).

* God's suspension of summary judgment, and Satan's nefarious world-rule over the course of human history (in Part 4: Satan's World System: Past, Present and Future).

* God's ultimate replacement and final judgment of Satan and his followers (in Part 5: Judgment, Restoration and Replacement).


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