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None dare call it treason

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bill Clinton supports sex education in our schools

Unconfirmed news reports said that Ex President Bill Clinton spoke at this school several months ago. One person close to Clinton who wishes to remain nameless said he overheard the president say a few weeks later that he just added 86 new voters to the democratic party. Clinton himself has said many times that he wanted a legacy just like George Washington with signs everywhere, "Bill Clinton sleep here".

Jan 14, 2011
86 Pregnant Teens at One High School by HottestHipHopnet
Frayser High School in Memphis, Tenn.

At the end of 2010, the statistics of teen birth in the Unites States were at its lowest. Thats the result of the Government funded abortion program. Births are at their lowest. But pregnancies are at their highest, it's just that they are able to kill most of the babies before they are delivered.
Hearing this news was great until FoxNews reported today, that 86 students at Frayser High School in Memphis, Tennessee, are either pregnant now or have given birth in the past year alone. The liberal press wasn't able to completely hide the story. Damn that Fox News!
As a result, a major program has been launched in the area called “No Baby!” 50 years of liberal socialist programs is how we got to where we are now.
According to Fox News, the program was designed “to educate both teenage girls and boys about how to prevent and deal with unplanned pregnancies.” More importantly they said, “The program is also tailored to give girls the confidence to ‘just say no’ to sex.” They have already been taught how to prevent pregnancies; it's the Planned Parenthood abortion program. They just teach them to say NO unless you are using birth control.
I don’t think sex alone is the issue because whether or not they are sexually active, it’s contraception that these girls need to know about. They need to use condoms and they need to know about birth control options, that is, if they aren’t intentionally getting pregnant. Sex Education is a misnomer. The students always end up with too much sex and not enough education.
Who is to say all these births are mistakes? 86 births in one high school is more than a trending topic, it seems more like the thing to do. Animals do it, anywhere, anytime and with anyone one. Why not us.
What I want to know is, where are all the young boys that are involved in conceiving these children. Do the 86 boys go to the same school. Do they know anything about condoms? Birth control? They don't care, they're not the ones getting pregnant. They have been taught that there is no moral law, no right or wrong. No sin and no God.
What’s really going on?

Although the “No Baby” program sounds great, it’s sending the message that sex automatically results in a baby and it sends the message that the girls don’t know how to make their own decisions. What? Are they saying that all girls are just plain stupid? Stupid is as stupid does!
Deborah Hester Harrison from Girls Inc., said, “Right now, these girls don’t know how to say ‘no,’ they’re having sex when they don’t want to, they just don’t know how to say ‘no.’ " Say What? Deborah is proof that 'liberalism is a mental disease.'
I can bet that these girls are having sex because they want to. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing just like Ms. Harrison. I just doubt these girls realized the consequences of having sex without a condom and the importance of using one. They understand, the more babies you have, the more government welfare you get. Money, Money, Money! Just vote democrat.
What they need is sex education in school, where they learn, in depth, the anatomy of the human body and reproductive organs. They also need to learn about masturbation. They need to see forms of contraception in front of them and learn how to use them. We just need to legalize porn and call it sex education.
This does not go on in school anymore because our former President thought sex education would amount to more teen birth. Clearly, the lack of it, backfired. Now, kids still have sex, but they don’t know what they’re doing. Well; yeah. More sex education has led to more pregnancies. You removed God and morality from our schools, now we are suffering the consequences. But that was the liberal socialist plan all along. The little that students do learn about reproduction in text books, isn’t enough. Well, that could be true. The deliberate dumbing down of America is working.
Fortunately, the “No Baby!” campaign in Memphis, looks to hire more social workers, which is great. However, I remember that in High School I was not concerned with speaking to guidance counselors or social workers. If enough kids today feel the same way, how much of a difference will a social worker make? Girls just wanna have fun.

Read the rest.   http://www.hottesthiphop.net/86-pregnant-teens-at-one-high-school

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sex education said...

Bill Clinton did not even think that oral sex was sex in the 90's so that is crazy