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None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Illegal Immigration lies

Obama Urges Overhaul of (destruction of) US Immigration Laws
VOA News 01 July 2010

President Barack Obama outlines the need for immigration policy overhaul (change the policy to accomplish our goal) during a speech at the American University School of International Service in Washington, 01 Jul 2010.

Arizona Police Prepare to Enforce Controversial Immigration Law. (A law that says if you enter the U. S. illegally you are breaking the law.)
US Town Approves Tougher Enforcement of Immigration Laws. (Actually prosecuting and deporting illegals for breaking the law).
US on Front Lines of Demographic Transformation. (Socialist's plan to change America to a non-white majority.)
U.S. President Barack Obama has called on Congress to rise above partisan divisions and fix what he called the country's "broken" immigration system. (Broken by Federal government's plan for America.)

In a speech Thursday, Mr. Obama said the problem of illegal immigration has been made worse by the failure of lawmakers in Washington to act. (Not failure but deliberate).

He said the U.S. must adopt a "comprehensive" (A term Socialist use for a plan that harms America is most likely is un-constitutional) approach that includes increasing security along U.S. borders, cracking down on businesses who hire illegal immigrants and reforming the legal immigration system.

Mr. Obama said fences and border patrols alone would not solve the problem (it worked until the Socialist took over) and said the U.S. should create a pathway for the estimated 11 million people in the U.S. illegally to earn their citizenship. (There has always been a legal way to immigrate to the U. S.. You must apply for it. They did it illegally. All Nations control their immigration and borders.)

The issue has raised heated division in Congress, (each uses the immigration situation they created to insure their re-election chances or their socialist agenda) with Republicans generally opposing what they call amnesty programs.

Mr. Obama acknowledged that immigration reform will not pass without Republican votes (if you oppose you are a racist) and said both parties have to take responsibility for solving the problems.

His speech in Washington comes after Arizona and other state and local governments have adopted strict laws (a law that says you must apply for citizenship) to combat illegal immigration.

Mr. Obama Thursday called the Arizona law "ill-conceived" (goes against our plan) and said it had the potential to violate the rights of lawful citizens by allowing law enforcement to stop people based on what they look like. (Playing the race card.)

The Arizona law allows local police to demand proof of citizenship from a person if there is reason to believe that individual is in the United States illegally. (I have to have an ID)

Opponents say the local laws will fuel discrimination, particularly toward Hispanics, (playing the race card again) while supporters say they are a valid response to the issue of illegal immigration and a way to battle the crime that is blamed on illegal immigrants.

Mr. Obama warned that a national immigration policy is necessary to avoid what he called a "patchwork" (state rights versus federal government control) of immigration laws that vary from state to state.

Here in this article above is a classic example of how Socialism intends on destroying the United States of America. Each and every sentence contains one or more lies carefully disguised and phrased so that any rebuttal makes the responder sound like a racist and a hater with no compassion for non-white people. The format of this issue is the same format the Socialist use on every issue. Truths are made lies and lies are made truths. The population has been so brianwashed, they cannot tell the difference. I know that most won't even believe this but I will answer each sentence with exposing just one lie in each. But, of course I will be the hater and racist because to answer each one you have to give answer in the racial terms they were designed to create.

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