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None dare call it treason

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Understanding Evolution

Lets see, man evolved from primates. Definitely an improvement there; especially if you like fast cars and beautiful women. But as you can see in the picture above, we might not be done yet. After all scientist say that pigs have a very high IQ among those in the animal world and even today pigs are used for testing because their skin makeup is closest to humans. I submit to you that maybe we got it all wrong. That maybe these pigs you see are really the early stages of humans next step in evolution. When you look at some people, there is compelling evidence out there.
Now as for the alligator, it has gone unchanged for million of years. I guess if you are perfect, there is no need to change.
My last comment is on birds. That's right, they evolved from dinosaurs. I understand part of it, you know the size and mobility problem; but really, would you give up that position of power and strength? Wasn't there something about the survival of the fittest?
I hope you have a clearer understanding now. I guess I'm just 'oh ye of little faith.'

Sarcosuchus imperator (flesh crocodile emperor) also known as super croc, was a giant crocodile that walked the earth about 110 million years ago. Super croc was 37-40 feet long. That is twice the size of the largest living crocodile on record. Super croc weighed 17,500 lbs, which is 10 times the weight of the heaviest crocodile living today.
During the 1940’s and 1950’s, a paleontologist from France named Alfred Felix de Lapparent found armor plates and fossilized teeth of this giant crocodile. He found the fossils while on a mission to the Sahara. This was the first evidence of Super Croc’s fossils. The discovery site was in the country of Niger.
A group of people went on an expedition to Niger in the year 2000. During that expedition, they found about 50% of the skeleton of super croc. Many technicians and students cleaned the bones, and believe it or not, it still took one whole year to clean all of the bones thoroughly.
Super croc was known to have eaten dinosaurs. It sure sounds pretty strange but it is true.

Terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex had close links to the humble chicken
Last updated at 10:56 25 April 2008

Chickens and dinosaurs may have more in common than was previously thought after researchers discovered close ties between the two creatures.
The link between the bird and the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been revealed in a protein study dating back 88million years.
Scientists from Harvard University discovered the link between chickens and the T-Rex when they analysed the structure of tiny shreds of collagen taken from a fossilised dinosaur bone.
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The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the chicken could be direct descendants
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-561907/Terrifying-Tyrannosaurus-Rex-close-links-humble-chicken.html#ixzz0uiKoi58a

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