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None dare call it treason

None dare call it treason

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IRS and Joe Stack - Devvy Kidd puts things in perspective

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By: Devvy
February 23, 2010
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By now, most of the country is aware of the suicide plane crash on February 18, 2010, in Austin, Texas. As it so happened, I was on the road to Tyler, Texas that morning to see Dr. Edwin Vieira speak the next day. Upon my return, I sent out an email with my opinion because I could not believe how many emails were there praising Joe Stack. He was a real patriot hero! In my quick note, I said:

Old Joe also killed an innocent person in that building. Allegedly, that fatality was an IRS employee. Hooray. Old Joe did the "mission accomplished" his way, but it won't change one single IRS regulation.

He also badly injured 13 people - two are in critical condition because of massive burns. You know, from the fuel burning their flesh to a crisp. People who suffer those kinds of massive burns experience pain that is almost impossible to describe; then sometimes years of surgery.

Although it's reported that none of those people work for the IRS, I'm not 100% certain at this time. But, those injured don't make IRS laws or regulations. That is the domain of Congress. Pukin' senators like Charles Grassley. Hell, many of the injured might even feel the same way as old Joe: Plucked clean in taxes.

Joe burned his house to the ground leaving his wife and 12 year old daughter homeless and to fend for themselves.

Think his wife will be able to get their insurance company to pay off? Fat chance.
While Joe is sorting things out with God, he left his family with a horrible situation.

His legacy to his daughter is that he killed an innocent person, injured 13 other people; two in critical condition. Gee, that was my dad! You saw him on the news, perhaps you even saw the funeral of the person he killed or the two people who had their flesh burned so badly!

We're all frustrated and angry. ALL of us want the IRS abolished and a return to constitutional revenues for a limited form of republican government.

Killing innocent people is not the answer, but I suppose Joe simply couldn't take it anymore and instead of quietly taking some sleeping pills and posting his manifesto, better to kill innocent people along the way and leave his family to take the heat and shame.
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Montana said...

Andrew Joseph Stack was nothing but a coward, to his family, to god, to our country. Boo, hoo, hoo, I have money problems and its not my fault, it the big bad government. This domestic (white trailer trash) terrorist who first burned his house and crashed his plane into a building during business hours and killed Vernon Hunter a 27 year Federal employee and 20 year veteran of the US Army with two tours in the Vietnam War.