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None dare call it treason

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice Age - Problems in the Glacial Theory

Absolute facts given by scientist and teachers in our bias liberal society.
1. Global warming is a fact. non disputable
2. Evolution is a fact, non disputable
3. The Big bang is a fact, non disputable
4. Ice Age is a fact, non disputable. REALLY?????????????????

This caused me to start questioning these and other theories (which is what they are) that the liberal call facts. Every time I hear about the great Ice Ages of the past that covered most of North America up to two miles thick, I start wondering how can that be. I've been so busy on the first 3 facts that it was not until today I started looking into the Ice Age theory. Most people will say I'm bias toward the Biblical explanation but I'm not an 18, 22 or 28 year old with a pre determine belief. I'm 62 and have had many different beliefs at different times in my life but now I based my beliefs on the one that has the most validity. I'm sorry but God is smarter than man. The evidence the liberals point to as the results of an Ice Age is the same evidence that in the past was believed caused by the flood account in the Bible. I found this site linked above which makes sense as to how the flood caused these marks and formations. As they state in their article, for a glacier to cover half of North America it would have to violate many rules of natural law.
Update: 2-26-10. Soon I will post a new entry on the Ice Age that gives some credit to the possibility of there being an Ice Age. However, in an entirely different way. Enter the Gap Theory.

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